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WATCH: Amilia Spicer, ‘Fill Me Up’

Feb 14, 2017

WATCH: Amilia Spicer, 'Fill Me Up'

Artist: Amilia Spicer
Hometown: Back woods Pennsylvania
Song: “Fill Me Up”
Album: Wow and Flutter
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Label: Free Range Records

In Their Words: “I wrote ‘Fill Me Up’ minutes after picking up a banjo for the first time. Sometimes not knowing what you are doing can be very freeing. An old, oddly tuned banjo was sitting around the studio and, as soon as I found a few chords on it, words came pouring out. They took me back to my rural country roots, scenes of wandering through forests, following trails that seemed magical, looking to the sky in wonder. Of course, the lyrics were also infused with a much more current plea to the universe to fill me up and heal what seemed broken. It turned in to a rather spooky, impassioned tune with a train beat. Go figure. The video was shot by my childhood home.” — Amilia Spicer

Photo credit: Virginia Conesa

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WATCH: Amilia Spicer, 'Fill Me Up'
WATCH: Amilia Spicer, 'Fill Me Up'