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WATCH: Banditos, ‘Old Ways’

Feb 16, 2016

WATCH: Banditos, 'Old Ways'

Artist: Banditos
Hometown: Nashville, TN by way of Birmingham, AL
Song: “Old Ways"
Album: Banditos
Label: Bloodshot Records

In Their Words: “Being on the road, we collide with so many worlds every day. We can affect individuals by just a kind look or a song that reaches a place they’ve been meaning to scratch. It’s a truly humbling experience to have folks open up to you after being touched by a feeling you’ve brought out of them. We love these wonderful highs we can all connect within song.

This one, in particular, is about sticking with someone you care for through the lows. It’s seeing them through tough times that are messy and uncomfortable, and making sure they know they’re loved. Mainly, it targets the hopelessness that leads to suicide and, in some respect, says it’s okay to feel that way. It’s a swan song for all those we’ve already lost and a plea for those who we still have.” — Mary Richardson

Photo credit: Tom Kaszuba. Video was shot and edited by Albert Kuhne.

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WATCH: Banditos, 'Old Ways'
WATCH: Banditos, 'Old Ways'