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WATCH: Becky Warren, ‘I Miss You’

Sep 23, 2016

WATCH: Becky Warren, 'I Miss You'

Artist: Becky Warren
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Song: "I Miss You"
Album: War Surplus
Release Date: October 14
In Their Words: "I think a city can take on human characteristics. Nashville is a place that I love deeply and, on most days, it's warm and kind and creative and generous. But in moments of real loneliness, it can feel like you're left out of all that, like the city is this great person who wants nothing to do with you.

In 'I Miss You,' my character, June, is missing a soldier who's deployed to Iraq, but she isn't living on a military base where the whole community is focused on deployment. That's a particular flavor of loneliness that can make you feel especially separated from everything going on around you. When my then-husband was in Iraq, I, like June, lived off base. I was in a small town — Statesboro, Georgia — about an hour away from the base where he had been stationed. The hardest thing for me was that the Iraq War suddenly felt very personal and not at all political, but it continued on as a political thing for everyone else. When I felt frustrated, it was generally about that. Overall, I felt really fortunate to have local friends and work that I could focus on during his deployment — many military spouses move around so much they're not able to build up those support structures." — Becky Warren

Photo credit: Kyle Dean Reinford

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WATCH: Becky Warren, 'I Miss You'
WATCH: Becky Warren, 'I Miss You'