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WATCH: Bull Kelp, ‘Shoreward’

Mar 17, 2016

WATCH: Bull Kelp, 'Shoreward'

Artist: Bull Kelp (Zoe Guigueno of Della Mae and Taylor Ashton of Fish & Bird)
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Song: "Shoreward"
Album: Tangled Yarn
Release Date: 2017
Label: Fiddle Head Records

In Their Words: "This song was a few years in the making. When we crowd-funded our 2012 album, Painting & Drawing, one of our rewards for a higher donation was that we'd write a song on any subject. Two people chose that reward; predictably, they were both related to me. My Grandpa Bob and Nanny Sue wanted something about fishing. This is that song, although it follows their theme kind of loosely.

Bull Kelp is a side project that doesn't see a lot of action these days — I'm pretty busy with my band Fish & Bird and performing solo, and Zoe's full-time traveling the world with Della Mae. In the rare times when we're both in Brooklyn with some free time, we get together and make music and, for a long time, we were gradually chipping away at these two songs. Zoe wrote all the music for this one and I provided the words, and we honed the arrangement over the course of two years, changing it slightly every time we'd take it out of the closet and dust it off. I think there's something cool about that long, drawn-out process that combines our current sensibilities with the ones we had when we started arranging it in the fall of 2013." — Taylor Ashton

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WATCH: Bull Kelp, 'Shoreward'
WATCH: Bull Kelp, 'Shoreward'