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WATCH: Caroline Reese, ‘Beast’

Jan 4, 2017

WATCH: Caroline Reese, 'Beast'

Artist: Caroline Reese
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Song: "Beast"
Album: Tenderfoot
Release Date: January 6, 2017

In Their Words: "I wrote 'Beast' while I was on tour, spurred by this truck stop in Louisiana where they keep a live tiger in a cage. Really. It is about the attempt to create a life of meaning and adventure amidst the necessity of routine and responsibility. It's something I struggle with a lot — the back and forth of being on the road playing music and then coming home and working a day job. Sometimes neither seems like reality.

When we were working on the song as a band, my bandmate Mark Watter came up with the idea to deconstruct the song at the end to make it really dark, which made everything click into place for me. Choreographer Sophie Andreassi and cinematographer/actor Graham Phillips were drawn to this song partially because of that breakdown, and I love how they created and then imploded this very relatable world in the music video. The video stars dancer Emily Wohl and I was so thrilled to work with all three of them." — Caroline Reese

Photo credit: Laura Jane Brubaker

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WATCH: Caroline Reese, 'Beast'
WATCH: Caroline Reese, 'Beast'