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WATCH: Caroline Spence, ‘I Can’t Complain’

Jan 19, 2018

WATCH: Caroline Spence, 'I Can't Complain'

Artist: Caroline Spence
Hometown: Nashville, TN / Charlottesville, VA
Song: “I Can’t Complain”
Album: Spades & Roses

In Their Words: “I was a fan of the artwork of Jane Beaird — aka Quiet Creature — on social media and loved the videos she would post of her painting. I found it fascinating and satisfying to see the process of how she makes her art. I wanted that for this video because that simple act of painting — the concept of building something beautiful out of nothing, of going from black and white to color — fit perfectly with the sense of grounded wonder in the song.

Writing this song made me late to a party on New Year’s Eve, 2015. It was the year that my first record came out and the first year I got to spend most of my time making and playing music rather than working other jobs. I was feeling reflective and thankful, and this is what came out. I knew I wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be, but I was close to the road I wanted to be on, and that realization filled me with overwhelming gratitude. I play this song most nights at the end of my set as a way to settle back into myself and realize what a gift it is to be on a stage singing any song for anybody.” — Caroline Spence

Photo credit: Kate McGaffin

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WATCH: Caroline Spence, 'I Can't Complain'
WATCH: Caroline Spence, 'I Can't Complain'