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WATCH: David Messier, ‘Franklin’s Key’

Feb 21, 2017

WATCH: David Messier, 'Franklin's Key'

Artist: David Messier
Hometown: Austin, TX
Song: “Franklin’s Key”
Album: Waiting For Eldridge
Label: Fable Records

In Their Words: “In ‘Franklin’s Key’ everything is speaking — not just the vocals. The saw, the bari sax, the percussion … it’s all ‘talking.’ I’m a cartoon junkie, from Merry Melodies to Chuck Jones to Loren Bouchard. When I close my eyes and listen to this track, I’m suddenly in a haunted house circa 1940 — the shutters cracking in the wind, the creaks of wooden floorboards — and when I pinch my eyes even tighter, I see cartoon skeletons playing percussion on rib bones, creepy cats with hollow eyes, and creatures of the night holding seance dance parties that make me want to join the fun and turn that party out. Caitlin and Christina made these visions a cartoon reality.” — David Messier

Photo credit: Cameron Paris Cloud

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WATCH: David Messier, 'Franklin's Key'
WATCH: David Messier, 'Franklin's Key'