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WATCH: Donovan Woods, ‘They Don’t Make Anything in That Town’

Jun 23, 2016

Artist: Donovan Woods
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Song: “They Don’t Make Anything in That Town"
Album: Hard Settled, Ain’t Troubled
Release Date: August 12
Label: Meant Well

In Their Words: "The title is too long, but go ahead and try to make it shorter — you can't. This is an amalgam of things that happened to me, things that happened to people I know, and things that I imagine ought to have happened. The town I'm from ain't at all this bleak. Just tried to make something indicative of a place full of people suffering under the weight of a town's slow-down. Economic problems become personal problems, or health problems, or relationship problems really quickly. Really, the only thing I've found all that satisfying in my life is making tangible things that people can use and it's about that, too." — Donovan Woods

Photo credit: Ryan Nolan

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