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WATCH: Fruition, ‘Live at Wonder Ballroom’

Mar 15, 2017

WATCH: Fruition, 'Live at Wonder Ballroom'

Artist: Fruition
Hometown: Portland, OR
Project Title: Fruition: Live at Wonder Ballroom

In Their Words: “The show that night was particularly special for us and for a lot of fans — especially fans that have been following us for a long time. We busted out some of our oldest material, perfomed some songs in our original instrumentation (guitars, upright bass, and mando), and toyed with some of them in the style of our current sound. It was definitely a way of saying thanks to Portland for supporting us and believing in us for so many years. There was an element of nostalgia while playing these older tunes, but also an element of excitement for how far we’ve come, how much we’ve grown, and how much we still have to accomplish.” — Kellen Asebroek

Director credit: Mark Burgin of Mark’s Memories

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WATCH: Fruition, 'Live at Wonder Ballroom'
WATCH: Fruition, 'Live at Wonder Ballroom'
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