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WATCH: Golden Shoals, “Bitter”

Sep 19, 2023

WATCH: Golden Shoals,

Artist: Golden Shoals
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee / Vancouver, B.C.
Song: “Bitter”
Release Date: September 13, 2023

In Their Words: “This song, co-written by myself and Rachel Baiman, is a culmination of the frustrations I felt being a musician during the pandemic. Our jobs were the first to go and the clunkiest to return to full capacity. Performance opportunities are back, but the struggle of sustaining a career continues to weigh heavy on all artists alike. Obviously Spotify is mentioned in this song, and I even call out the media machine and the ‘pay to play’ nature of PR campaigns. We both connected to this song so much that Rachel even recorded a brooding version on her newest album, Common Nation of Sorrow. Our livelier version features banjo, baritone guitar and pedal steel.” – Amy Alvey

Track Credits: Produced by Thomas Bryan Eaton and Golden Shoals

Amy Alvey – acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonies
Mark Kilianski – banjo, harmony vocals
Thomas Bryan Eaton – piano, pedal steel, baritone guitar
Jamie Dick – drums
Miss Tess – bass

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Raitz
Video Credit: Trent Freeman

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WATCH: Golden Shoals,
WATCH: Golden Shoals,