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WATCH: Great Aunt, ‘Tell Me When It’s Over’

Nov 7, 2017

WATCH: Great Aunt, 'Tell Me When It's Over'

Artist: Great Aunt
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Song: “Tell Me When It’s Over”
Album: A Mess That I Left
Release Date: January, 2018

In Their Words: “The making of the video clip for ‘Tell Me When It’s Over’ was such a happy and collaborative process. We approached our director friend, Vanessa Cox, with the song, explained the inspiration behind it, and then watched as this piece of concept film art unfolded in front of us.

In writing the song, I was pondering the idea of families, friends, lovers doing better for each other. We always congregate in times of great loss or tragedy, but we’re sometimes absent in quieter moments when we’re most needed.” — Megan Bird

Photo credit: Andy Yu

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WATCH: Great Aunt, 'Tell Me When It's Over'