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WATCH: Gwen Levey and the Breakdown, “Barefoot and Pregnant”

Sep 6, 2023

WATCH: Gwen Levey and the Breakdown,

Artist: Gwen Levey and the Breakdown
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “Barefoot and Pregnant”
Album: Not the Girl Next Door EP
Release Date: November 3, 2023

In Their Words: “RIP Roe V Wade. That was such a dark day. It’s a very personal issue for me and most women. I was a child who was sexually assaulted. So, everything that’s been happening hit me really hard, especially here in Tennessee, which has the strictest abortion ban. That, even if you’re a child, you can’t get help for anything like that. The song has a serious social commentary, but I wanted it to still be fun so it’s more accessible. You have to be brave to sing that in the south.

“This song is for all the freedom-lovin’, democracy-lovin’, country music-lovin’ people out there who want to help women win back their Reproductive Rights!” – Gwen Levey

Photo Credit: Jonathan Freeland

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WATCH: Gwen Levey and the Breakdown,