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WATCH: Handsome Ghost, ‘Reckless Lover’

Jan 4, 2018

WATCH: Handsome Ghost, 'Reckless Lover'

Artist: Handsome Ghost
Hometown: Central Massachusetts
Song: “Reckless Lover” (The Stripped Sessions)
Album: Welcome Back
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Label: Photo Finish Records

In Their Words: “When Handsome Ghost was in the very, very beginning stages of becoming a band, every song started with me and a guitar, and we’d go from there. For this first record of ours, we got back to that initial frame of mind where the song itself drives the arrangement and production. Lyrics and the melody are most important; everything else plays a supporting role.

I wrote the 11 songs that make up our album over several years in many, many different places, and the idea behind our Stripped Sessions is to give the listener a chance to hear these songs as they were originally written. ‘Reckless Lover’ came together in a day or two, and this is just about exactly how it sounded when I recorded that first demo.” — Timothy Noyes

Photo credit: Cortney Armitage

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WATCH: Handsome Ghost, 'Reckless Lover'