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WATCH: Jeremie Albino, “The Cabin”

May 8, 2019

WATCH: Jeremie Albino,

Artist: Jeremie Albino
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Song: “The Cabin”
Album: Hard Time
Label: Cinematic Music Group

In Their Words: “‘The Cabin’ is a song that came from a romantic day dream. About that feeling of being away from the one you love and how we always tend to fantasize about when and where we’ll see them again. I think we all like to daydream about the grand adventures we’ll go on with our partners and this song is about how those daydreams are sometimes all we can hold on to when we’re away from each other. Dreams of running away together to a place that’s off the map and just for the two of you. Building a cabin in the woods with my own two hands and living off the land. ‘Cause in the end it doesn’t really matter where you decide to go. As long as you’re there together, ya know? Just another love story I suppose, haha. I was so grateful to have some friends come and perform on the recording with me. My friends Hannah Georgas, Carleigh Aikins and Taylor Guitard join me in the choruses.” — Jeremie Albino

Photo credit: Anielika Sykes

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WATCH: Jeremie Albino,
WATCH: Jeremie Albino,