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WATCH: Jess Williamson, “Chasing Spirits”

May 10, 2023

WATCH: Jess Williamson,

Artist: Jess Williamson
Hometown: Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California
Song: “Chasing Spirits”
Album: Time Ain’t Accidental
Release Date: June 9, 2023
Label: Mexican Summer

In Their Words: “‘Chasing Spirits’ opens with a question: are my love songs lies now that the love is gone? You can write a deeply devotional love song about a partner and then one day break up. In that same vein, the title of this song has multiple interpretations. Chasing spirits can be a way of trying to connect with supernatural entities or one’s own higher self, and also, you order spirits at the bar or pick them up at the liquor store, maybe with a chaser.” — Jess Williamson

“‘Chasing Spirits’ was shot in Marfa, Texas, where Jess lives half the year, and the video features a lot of her real-life friends. The party in the Marfa Bus was real, shot in the trailer park where it currently sits. The video plays with some true-to-life elements, but in a hyper-stylized manner that feels fitting for a town like Marfa that has been so culturally mythologized, where real life and legend start to blur.” — Rocco & Giles, video directors

Photo Credit: Jackie Lee Young

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WATCH: Jess Williamson,
WATCH: Jess Williamson,