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WATCH: Karan Casey, “Sister I Am Here for You”

Feb 3, 2023

WATCH: Karan Casey,

Artist: Karan Casey
Hometown: Cork, Ireland
Song: “Sister I Am Here for You”
Album: Nine Apples of Gold
Release Date: February 24, 2023
Label: Crow Valley Music

In Their Words: “‘Sister I Am Here for You’ is a calling to female friendship. In singing the song with the fabulous Niamh Dunne I’m reminded of the profound beauty found in female friendship and camaraderie, how much I rely on her and how listening to her singing away beside me I try not to cry. And in writing the song with Sean Óg Graham we talked a lot about the sisterhood, about the need for a feminist song speaking to the bond that can be built through collaborating and working together, all genders, campaigning for women’s rights everywhere in the world. He has been just brilliant in helping me realise this longtime dream of mine, to write a singalong that is uplifting and joyful. I also as ever was instructed by old Irish stories and I had been reading The Book of the Cailleach by Gearóid Ó Crualaoich (a brilliant book) which is all about an Chailleach, the wise-woman healer or hag or witch or whatever you’d like to call the amazing women of the past and present who have stood their ground. In one Cailleach story she whips up the wind, brings in the wintertime and was known to have moved rocks to create mountains, moved mountains to create valleys and lakes. She is the creator of Winter who blitzes the land with ice and snow — she basically did everything!

“This song, like the rest of the new album, is a celebration of women’s stories so it seems fitting that my March US tour will coincide with Women’s History Month. Can’t wait to get out there and share these songs and ideas with everyone!” — Karan Casey

Photo Credit: Alan Doherty

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WATCH: Karan Casey,
WATCH: Karan Casey,