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WATCH: Paula Boggs Band, “King Brewster” (Ft. Dom Flemons)

Feb 11, 2022

WATCH: Paula Boggs Band,

Artist: Paula Boggs Band
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Song: “King Brewster” (ft. Dom Flemons)
Album: Janus
Release Date: April 1, 2022

In Their Words: “This true story is about my enslaved-then-emancipated ancestor. I knew nothing about King Brewster before Covid and his story inspires me to learn more about my people. When I shared the lyrics with Dom Flemons, he responded by saying, ‘Every line you’ve written Paula is poetry.’ I’m so grateful Dom joined us on this song. In addition to singing he’s playing banjo, bones and jug.” — Paula Boggs

Photo Credit: Tom Reese

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WATCH: Paula Boggs Band,