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WATCH: Pert Near Sandstone, ‘Getaway’

Apr 17, 2017

WATCH: Pert Near Sandstone, 'Getaway'

Artist: Pert Near Sandstone
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Song: “Getaway”
Album: Discovery of Honey
Label: Pert Near Music

In Their Words: “When we had our initial talk about the video, J said to make the visuals crazy and fun, and we agreed the song has a sense of humor about it and a pace that’s energetic and kind of wild. So I wanted to come up with a concept that was visually interesting and kept in line with the personality of music. I’ve always loved old, lo-fi special effects, so I decided to build a car in my studio and do projection and play with the idea of this character having an adventure right in his own garage in a cardboard car he made himself. I think it captures J’s goofy, rowdy nature, but also the thrill of driving fast and going on a wild ride.” — Nicole Brending, video director

Photo credit: Jayme Halbritter

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WATCH: Pert Near Sandstone, 'Getaway'
WATCH: Pert Near Sandstone, 'Getaway'