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WATCH: Reed Turchi, ‘Skinny Woman’

Apr 13, 2017

WATCH: Reed Turchi, 'Skinny Woman'

Artist: Reed Turchi
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Song: “Skinny Woman”
Album: Tallahatchie
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Label: Devil Down Record

In Their Words: “I named my first band after this song and, boy, it turns out just about every woman out there took offense. This was while I was in college, and I distinctly remember loading in to play at a sorority function of some sort and a well-heeled Activities Director being particularly aghast. Ah well, I guess there are some things I’ve had to learn for myself over the years.

‘Skinny Woman’ is from the hit book (as it is) of hill country blues songs and, as far as I know, is an R.L. Burnside original, though my version comes from Kenny Brown (R.L.’s longtime guitarist and artist of his own). Like many songs of that genre, the riff is second only to the polyrhythm created through the combination of melody, foot-tap, palm-mute, and guitar body-hit, and (assuming no one throws anything at me for the lyrics), it’s a real pleasure to play.” — Reed Turchi

Photo credit: Alyssa Gafkjen. Video credit: Madden Meiners and Mariah Czap.

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WATCH: Reed Turchi, 'Skinny Woman'
WATCH: Reed Turchi, 'Skinny Woman'