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WATCH: Sarah Morris, “Ruthless”

Jun 12, 2023

WATCH: Sarah Morris,

Artist: Sarah Morris
Hometown: Shoreview, Minnesota
Song: “Ruthless”
Album: Here’s To You
Release Date: May 5, 2023

In Their Words: “‘Ruthless’ was a writing prompt in the summer of 2019. My initial response was the opening line, ‘Your calloused fingers, my calloused heart, I bet you earned your lack of feeling by working hard …’ My husband has calloused hands from building a cabin for our family, I have earned my own calloused fingers from guitar strings over the years – it was an easy image to grab on to. So often my songwriting takes me to deeply domestic moments and this song felt removed from that in a way that was so fun to write (and now to sing). I’ve written many songs about kindness; offering one another healing, a soft place to fall – it was fun to explore the other nooks and crannies of human emotion and character.

“On a late winter run I was listening to the masters of the album and when ‘Ruthless’ came on, I saw all these images – the two people, the sink, the dark background, a sense of kaleidoscope. As soon as I landed back at home, I emailed the amazing team of Sarah and Erik Elstan to ask if they were up to collaborating on a video again. On a blustery April day, we hid in a Minneapolis studio with Michael Gay, some great vintage pieces courtesy of Seven Suns Vintage out of Eau Claire, and shot the video. What a gift to find people who you can share a tangle of run-induced ideas with, and then they create something so fantastic!” – Sarah Morris

Photo Credit: Emily Isakson

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WATCH: Sarah Morris,
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