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WATCH: The Roe Family Singers, “Loretta Lynn Blues”

Oct 11, 2023

WATCH: The Roe Family Singers,

Artist: The Roe Family Singers
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Song: “Loretta Lynn Blues”
Album: Sisters And Brothers
Label: Bonfire Music Group

In Their Words: “‘Loretta Lynn Blues’ is a tribute to both Loretta Lynn herself and the songs she wrote. There was a time when country music was made by real people, speaking about real, everyday issues. Folks like Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Hazel Dickens had everybody singing along and, more importantly, gave a voice to folks who didn’t have one before.

“Today’s country music is dominated by manufactured pop stars who, at best, sing about nothing and, at worst, use their gigantic platforms to amplify their messages of racism and misogyny.

“We wanted to write a song that gets back to the roots of what country music was and what it still could be. All while honoring one of the greatest there ever was: Loretta Lynn.

“The title is a reflection of how we thought Ms. Lynn would feel about today’s country music: after spending so much of her career singing songs like ‘One’s On the Way,’ ‘Rated X,’ and ‘The Pill,’ we figured she’d feel kind of down to hear modern country music singing about beers, my best girl, beaches, dogs, and pickup trucks.” – The Roe Family Singers

Track Credits:

Dan Gaarder – guitar
Dave Gustafson – mandolin
Noah Levy – drums
Eric Paulson – bass
Kim Roe – vocals
Quillan Roe – banjo
Rich Rue – steel guitar
Annie Savage – fiddle & back-up vocals

Stage Band:

Erik Brandt – accordion
Dave Gustafson – mandolin
Jake Johnson – fiddle
Brody Kucera – drums
David F. Robinson – guitar
Kim Roe – vocals
Quillan Roe – banjo
Rina Rossi – bass
Rich Rue – steel guitar
Adam Wirtzfeld – musical saw

Photo Credit: Katie Viles
Video Credits: Ryder Seeler – director, editor; Adam Olson – director of photography; Leah, Seth, and Tristan – film crew

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WATCH: The Roe Family Singers,
WATCH: The Roe Family Singers,