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WATCH: The Suitcase Junket, “Old Machine”

Mar 20, 2019

WATCH: The Suitcase Junket,

Artist: The Suitcase Junket
Hometown: Amherst, Massachusetts
Song: “Old Machine”
Album: Mean Dog, Trampoline
Release Date: April 5, 2019
Label: Signature Sounds Recordings

In Their Words: “A couple years ago I started working on a song and wrote the line ‘I made some moonshine.’ I hadn’t ever made moonshine so I kind of figured I didn’t have any business putting it in a song, but being the stubborn and curious sort I decided to go ahead and make the stuff instead of scrapping the song. I had been making wine and mead for a few years and had a basement full of bottles, some good, some questionable, some just bad. I made myself a stovetop still and turned a bunch of weird wine into even weirder moonshine. Then I finished the song. It came out better than the hooch.” — Matt Lorenz, The Suitcase Junket

Photo credit: David Jackson

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WATCH: The Suitcase Junket,
WATCH: The Suitcase Junket,