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WATCH: The Unseen Strangers, ‘Square Trance’

Nov 30, 2016

WATCH: The Unseen Strangers, 'Square Trance'

Artist: The Unseen Strangers
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Song: "Square Trance"
Album: Stranger Places
Release Date: April 1

In Their Words: "'Square Trance' was a staple in our show for years before finding a home on our new album, Stranger Places. We’ve always used it as a jam vehicle, so it was an exciting process to morph it into something more defined in the studio. Trimming down a multi-section tune is a challenge, but it’s really rewarding when you can make it work. It's actually just a classic breakup song, except it takes place in a dream. The narrator is wandering through this altered reality in a trance-like state." — Adam Shier

Photo credit: Emma Lee. Video by: Tim O'Reilly (Soundstill Production).

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WATCH: The Unseen Strangers, 'Square Trance'
WATCH: The Unseen Strangers, 'Square Trance'
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