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WATCH: Tim Higgins, “Second Chance”

Aug 8, 2023

WATCH: Tim Higgins,

Artist: Tim Higgins
Hometown: Greensboro, Alabama
Song: “Second Chance”
Album: Higher Ground Society Presents: Patchwork Symphony
Label: Cartographer Records

In Their Words: “This song is about a young man who just keeps making wrong decisions – who feels invincible. And because of those decisions, he gets the book thrown at him. Growing up, I’ve known a few very sweet, and seemingly all around good guys, who just keep doing all the wrong things – like they have some devil controlling them. And when you get a reputation with the police in a small town, you’re marked. They’ll follow you around; and when you’re immature, you’re an easy target. The law loves to make an example out of kids like that – I don’t know if it’s to try to scare everyone else straight – or perhaps it’s just about exerting power.

“In the Deep South, where this song is set and where I live, private prisons and the lack of mental healthcare and other resources feed into a system that doesn’t allow for second chances; it’s a system that allows for things to go from bad to the worst case scenario in an instant. Anyway, this is a little story about one such lost boy, who ends up in jail for a very long time – with ‘No Regrets’ tattooed across his chest when certainly, with age, he is very full of regret. Recorded at Cartographer Records in Mobile, Alabama, as part of their OddCollege Music series, ‘Second Chance’ will be featured on Higher Ground Society’s Patchwork Symphony, a compilation showcasing Alabama artists, funded in part by the Alabama State Council on the Arts.” – Tim Higgins

Photo Credit: Trey Lane

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WATCH: Tim Higgins,
WATCH: Tim Higgins,