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WATCH: Youth in a Roman Field, “Might As Well Have Gone to the Movies”

Nov 9, 2023

WATCH: Youth in a Roman Field,

Artist: Youth in a Roman Field
Hometown: Queens, New York City, New York
Song: “Might As Well Have Gone To The Movies”
Album: Get Caught Trying (Extended Edition)
Release Date: November 10, 2023
Label: Better Company Records

In Their Words: “This song – and the phrase – illustrate my takeaway after what felt like another let-down of a relationship; a ‘wise-mind,’ more poetic interpretation of ‘well, damn, that didn’t work out either.’ The lyrics center the conflict between fantasy and reality, confronting the parts of my romantic nature that lend themselves to delusion and magical thinking. ‘Going to the movies’ represents the alternative life and relationship I had envisioned for myself, and has come to represent the alternative world many of us find ourselves in, looking for answers or easier narratives than actually exist. I also meant it literally, as in: ‘I could’ve seen this coming, shoulda just gone to the movies and saved myself all this heartache.’ It ultimately accepts the disappointments of unrequited romantic love, which paves the way to accept ourselves despite mistakes we’ve made or cycles we’ve repeated.” – Claire Wellin, Youth in a Roman Field

Track Credits:

Performed by Youth in a Roman Field:
Claire Wellin – vocals
Tiffany Topol – vocals
Cassidy Stirtz – vocals
Scott Stangland – guitar
Jamie Mohamdein – upright bass

Photo Credit: Saw Photography
Video Credit:
Directed by Claire Wellin, Tiffany Topol, Cassidy Stirtz, Scott Stangland, and Jamie Mohamdein. Edited by Scott Stangland and Tiffany Topol.

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WATCH: Youth in a Roman Field,
WATCH: Youth in a Roman Field,