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In “Lonely at Night,” Amanda Shires & Brittney Spencer Blend Beautifully

Nov 29, 2022


Amanda Shires’ new record Take It Like a Man is kicking ass and taking names. The latest name taken is that of Brittney Spencer, who sings backup on the track “Lonely at Night.” In the live performance video for the song, Spencer and Shires stand dressed like royalty on rose petals in front of a beautiful flowery backdrop and deliver a magical performance that pulls on the emotions. The song is about two lovers who are “star-crossed at best” and the fine thread that binds them together. Shires’ heartfelt performance is only enhanced by Spencer’s angelic harmonies. The two find a beautiful blend that is echoed by the soulful slide guitar played by Jason Isbell throughout the track.

“Here you’ll see us at historic Columbia Studio A in Nashville, TN,” Shires wrote when the video was released this fall. “The original garden is a place I often return to in thought, so my friend Lark Foster and I set the scene with flowers and branches and things from my home and garden. Be awed by Jimbo Hart’s bass playing, Julian Dorio’s sense of time, Jason Isbell’s ability to simultaneously play slide and levitate, Peter Levin’s command of those beautiful keys, and Brittney Spencer’s incredible voice. And know that this couldn’t have been done right without my great friend Lawrence Rothman’s careful handling, support and production. Thanks to all my friends for participating and thanks y’all for listening and watching.”

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