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Live at Ear Trumpet Labs: John Oates, “Sitting On Top Of The World”

Feb 5, 2020


There are plenty of reasons why John Oates — yes, that John Oates — is often found around Nashville hanging out and making music with the absolute best pickers in country, blues, bluegrass, and beyond. Quite a few of those reasons are readily apparent in this solo, acoustic performance at Ear Trumpet Labs in Portland, Oregon, as Oates bluesily picks his way through a standard from the bluegrass canon, “Sitting On Top Of The World.” His rootsy bona fides ooze out with every lick, whether he’s referencing Delta blues, Chet Atkins, or grassy flatpicking.

John is heard through a Delphina microphone as well as a stereo pair of Delphinas utilized as room mics.

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