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Sitch Sessions: Aoife O’Donovan, ‘Magic Hour’

Jan 19, 2016


For her Sitch Session, Aoife O’Donovan takes to a rooftop in Los Angeles to lay out a lilting version of “Magic Hour,” the title track from her new record, backed by a chorus of succulents and cacti. This sparse acoustic rendering stands in contrast to the snappy album version, putting a different spin on it all. “In the magic hour, when the moon is low and the sky’s the kind of blue that you think you know, but you don’t know,” O’Donovan sings under a sunny sky that is the kind of blue we all want to know.

Editor’s Note: Aoife O’Donovan is returning to LA and will be live at the Troubadour on April 14, 2022. Grab your tickets here.

Directed and edited by Richard Downie

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Sitch Sessions: Aoife O'Donovan, 'Magic Hour'
Sitch Sessions: Aoife O'Donovan, 'Magic Hour'