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Sitch Sessions: Danni Nicholls, “Ancient Embers”

Jun 12, 2019


BGS met up with Danni Nicholls at The Bear Club in Luton, Bedfordshire to film this evocative Sitch Session. She explains, “The past few years have been a whirlwind journey of self-discovery and waking up to a truer sense of myself and the world around me. It has been terrifying and dark at times, joyful, illuminating and freeing at others. Ultimately, ‘Ancient Embers’ is a love song. It serves as a reminder and reinforcer that the relationship and inner dialogue I have with myself informs every other relationship in my life and affects the way in which I walk through it.”

Enjoy this exclusive performance of “Ancient Embers” from Nicholls’ newest album, The Melted Morning.

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Sitch Sessions: Danni Nicholls, “Ancient Embers”
Sitch Sessions: Danni Nicholls, “Ancient Embers”
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