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Sitch Sessions: Fruition, ‘Death Comes Knockin”

Jul 12, 2016


The Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles may not seem, at first blush, like a bluegrass haven, but when the five members of Fruition get going, that's exactly what it becomes. The craggly branches over and around the band lend an eery backdrop to "Death Comes Knockin'" — though the sunshine takes a bit of that edge off. Mimi Naja's husky voice and limber fingers lead the charge with solid harmonies, nimble runs, foot stomps, and body slaps rounding following right along.

Directed and Edited by Ben Guzman of SML Productions

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Sitch Sessions: Fruition, 'Death Comes Knockin''
Sitch Sessions: Fruition, 'Death Comes Knockin''