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WATCH: Early James, “What a Strange Time to Be Alive”

May 20, 2022


Artist: Early James
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Song: “What a Strange Time to Be Alive”
Album: Strange Time to Be Alive (produced by Dan Auerbach)
Release Date: August 19, 2022
Label: Easy Eye Sound

In Their Words: “I think it’s okay to admit you feel crazy or uncomfortable in your own skin — those are very human feelings that we need to say out loud. I hope this record reminds people that everyone feels crazy sometimes, and that the real crazy people are the ones who won’t admit self-doubt.” — Early James

“James is very particular with his lyrics and makes such uncommon choices, so I wanted to keep it raw and let that shine as much as possible. His writing is so idiosyncratic; there’s not one song that feels like anything you’ve heard before. But then there’s also something in his sound that feels carved out of stone, like it’s from another time — it’s a very strange mix.” — Dan Auerbach

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WATCH: Early James,
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