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WATCH: Tim Kelly, “Leave This Town” (Feat. Ruston Kelly)

Nov 17, 2021


Artist: Tim Kelly
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “Leave This Town”
Album: Ride Through the Rain
Release Date: November 5, 2021

In Their Words: “‘Leave This Town’ is a song I wrote a couple years ago. It’s about living in a way you always thought was right for you, only to find it’s the very thing that keeps you from being who you really are or want to be. I found myself in a situation like that a while back and had to decide if I could be ok with the way things were, or make a change. It’s one thing to discover that you aren’t living your truth so to speak, but to have the courage and the will to change takes a lot of conviction. I made a move and am happy now that I did. Sometimes, peace of mind can have a have a high price, but I’ve found it’s worth it.” — Tim Kelly

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WATCH: Tim Kelly,
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