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3×3: Caleb Caudle on German Dogs, J-Law, and His Favorite John Steinbeck Passage

Mar 29, 2016

3x3: Caleb Caudle on German Dogs, J-Law, and His Favorite John Steinbeck Passage

Artist: Caleb Caudle
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
Latest Album: Carolina Ghost
Personal Nicknames: Throttle, Cable Cobblestone, Candlesquetti

If Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed were in a band together, who would play what?
Jesus would play pedal steel, Buddha would play B3, Krishna on the fiddle, and Mohammed would be on stand-up bass. They'd sound like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, but still wouldn't be able to write a song as good as "Fishin' in the Dark."

If you were a candle, what scent would you be?
I'd be "Tobacco Bay" from Great Bear Wax Company. It's what I burn in my living room. Pretty much the best smell ever.

What literary character or story do you most relate to?
Anything Steinbeck. That's my dude, right there. Details for miles. There's a passage from East of Eden that I've read a million times, and it never gets old: "A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more." For my money, there's nothing better.

What's your favorite planet — and why?
I guess Earth — it's the only one I've been to. The moon is pretty cool, too. I really dig when I see the moon and the sun in the sky at the same time. Makes me feel like I'm on Tattooine for a minute.

What's your best physical attribute?
My hands — they've somehow figured out how to play guitar good enough to get me by.

Who is your favorite Jennifer: Lawrence, Lopez, or Love-Hewitt?
J-law. She doesn't seem like Hollywood to me. I feel like she'd be into good tunes, and she certainly seems like she has a chip on her shoulder, which I can relate to.


#tbt 3 years ago I sold everything I owned except my guitar, vinyl, steer horns and a couple paintings. I decided that I wanted to pursue music full time. I've played countless shows and shook hands all across the country. It's had its ups and downs but I'm finally to a really good place. Carolina Ghost comes out tomorrow. A lot of folks have said some really nice things about it and for that I'm grateful. It's really easy to get so caught up in being driven. I'm guilty of always wanting something more. Right now I feel at peace. I've worked as hard as I can to make sure this album is successful but ultimately it's not up to me. So thanks to everyone who has bought a record, worn a tshirt, shared links on social media and played my music for their friends. It means the world to me. Thanks for allowing me to keep living my dream. Album release party @thegaragews tonight. Doors at 8. Let's get to the music part. #carolinaghost

A photo posted by CalebCaudle (@calebcaudle) on

Cat or dog?
Dog. I’m a really big fan of German short-haired pointers. Shout out to "Hoss" up in New Jersey. That dog rules and should get his own interview.

Rain or shine?
Honestly, it depends on the day. I'm more of an overcast kinda guy. But really neither would be that special without the other.

Mild, medium, or spicy?
Spicy. All the time. Always. I prefer my hometown hot sauce Texas Pete — I go through bottles and bottles of the stuff!

Photo credit: Justin Reich

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3x3: Caleb Caudle on German Dogs, J-Law, and His Favorite John Steinbeck Passage
3x3: Caleb Caudle on German Dogs, J-Law, and His Favorite John Steinbeck Passage
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