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  • 3x3: Tall Heights on Cabins, Levi's, and October in the Northeast
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3×3: Tall Heights on Cabins, Levi’s, and October in the Northeast

Oct 29, 2015

3x3: Tall Heights on Cabins, Levi's, and October in the Northeast

Artist: Tim Harrington (of Tall Heights)
Hometown: Boston, MA
Latest Album: Holding On, Holding Out
Tim's nicknames for Paul: Mr. Bubby, Bubby, Bubs, Bub, Bunny, Peter
Paul's nicknames for Tim: Docker, Docky, Spacedocker, Mr. Docker, Doc, Docker Fluette Sanders, Fluette, Sanders, Sandman


Back in the studio.

A photo posted by Tall Heights (@tallheights) on

What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?
The Beatles' Red Album, a 1962-1966 compilation CD. I bought it for my dad on his birthday when I was in seventh grade, but I kept it for myself.

If money were no object, where would you live and what would you do?
I'd have cabins in Sturbridge, MA; the Berkshires; Mount Desert Island, ME; and Bozeman, MT. And I'd keep doing what I'm doing, but with a vegetable oil tour bus and a driver.

If your life were a movie, which songs would be on the soundtrack?
Oh god … The Garden State soundtrack + "Master and a Hound" by Gregory Alan Isakov, "Lost in the Light" by Bahamas, "California Dreamin'" by Mamas and Papas, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, "Everything" by Ben Howard, "Song for Zula" by Phosphorescent, "White Horses" by Darlingside, "Wolf" by the Ballroom Thieves, "Two of Us on the Run" by Lucius. I could keep going.

What brand of jeans do you wear?
I presently don't own any, but I just slapped a pair of Levi's on my mental Christmas list. (This list is usually forgotten until January, at which point I remember all the things I should have emailed to my mom when she asked me what I wanted.) I need some, though. Probably black ones. Classic.

What's your go-to karaoke tune?
Honestly, I can't imagine a worse use of a night off than singing at a karaoke bar. If I — heaven forbid — find myself in a place with karaoke, I'd far prefer to sit back and watch each individual trainwreck unfurl. We've been really digging singing "The Bad in Each Other" by Feist during our sets, though; but that's not karaoke, it's just a cover.

What's your favorite season?
October in the Northeast

Kimmel or Fallon?

Jason Isbell or Sturgill Simpson?
They both rock a lot and neither are really influencing our stuff significantly these days, so I'm down to just enjoy it from here without picking a favorite.

Chocolate or vanilla?

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3x3: Tall Heights on Cabins, Levi's, and October in the Northeast
3x3: Tall Heights on Cabins, Levi's, and October in the Northeast