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7 Very Cool Kurt Vile Tunes

Feb 22, 2016

7 Very Cool Kurt Vile Tunes

Kurt Vile is one of those artists who might not, at first blush, seem like an obvious choice for the BGS. But he very much is. We're all big fans of his folky/bluesy riffs, quirky takes, and esoteric arrangements. Here are a few of our favorites:

"That's Life, tho (almost hate to say)"

Mix one part chillaxing, one part Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, many parts existential dread. Stir, sip slowly, and pretend you're a certified badass out for a night on the town.

"Wakin on a Pretty Day"

Waking up is the absolute worst part of every day … even the pretty ones. This song doesn't help, but we still dig it deep.

"Pretty Pimpin'"

This track is so bad-ass, Kris Orlowski wrote a whole short story based on it.

"Baby's Arms"

Because there actually is a woman with "shining, shining secret stones" in her hands (or, at least, in her pockets) and she loves this song.

"All in a Daze Work"

Because this one goes with that one … and you just know that any woman who comes "flying through like a traveling gypsy show tornado" is going to have some secret stones of her own.

"Life Like This"

The rhythm of his phrasing dances to a different — and fabulous — beat. It's almost hip hop-esque.

"My Sympathy"

On this one, the guitar work gets the point across so well, he only needs four lyrical lines to round it out:

So you wanna marry me, oh you got my sympathy
In a daydream, I saw my soul in a flashing neon sign waving to myself
So you want a baby, well it's got my sympathy
In a nightmare, I saw myself briefcase, watch, and a tie

Photo credit: Marina Chavez

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7 Very Cool Kurt Vile Tunes
7 Very Cool Kurt Vile Tunes