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LISTEN: Ben Winship, “A Little Goes a Long Way”

Jun 28, 2019

LISTEN: Ben Winship,

Artist: Ben Winship
Hometown: Victor, Idaho
Song: “A Little Goes a Long Way”
Album: Acorns
Release Date: July 19, 2019
Label: Snake River Records

In Their Words: “Life presents us all with many recurring themes — some are daily joys (like the first cup of coffee), others more irritating (like mosquitoes or people who talk too much). Some folks navigate the hard stuff with zen-like grace. Others yell and throw stuff, and worse. Me, I tend to quietly suck it up, while secretly fuming inside. Occasionally a song comes out of it. ‘A Little Goes a Long Way’ is a comment on my lifelong tendency towards impatience, set to an old-time groove.” — Ben Winship

Photo credit: Lara Agnew Photography

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LISTEN: Ben Winship,