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LISTEN: The FBR, “Empty Room”

Nov 15, 2023


Artist: The FBR
Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee
Song: “Empty Room”
Album: Ghost
Release Date: January 19, 2024

In Their Words: “Tim and I had hardly spent any time apart at all for nearly two years during the pandemic. There are times, especially in the winter, that I seem to struggle spending time on my own. I don’t like being left alone with my thoughts too long. He was heading out of town for a long weekend in Colorado, and I found myself riddled with the same old apprehension and anxiety about being alone for four days.

“I usually get kind of moody/cold and distant, so a few days prior, as the feelings began to surface, I communicated that I was struggling. I asked him to work on some sad lyrics for me to write music to while he was gone, so it would give my unwanted energy an outlet. I came home from a day of running around to the words of a tune, at the time titled ‘An Empty Room,’ sitting on the piano.

“He said the first thing that came to his mind when sitting down to write was quite literally an empty room, kind of symbolizing that loneliness. The first night he was gone I sat at the piano just reading the words over and over, and trying to find the right chord progression.

“It is really cool listening back to the earliest phone recordings I took that weekend, and slowly hearing the song come to life. It was a monumental moment for me, being able to be vulnerable enough to express my struggles and for both of us to be able to communicate it through a song.

“After he returned, we both felt the song needed a bridge, so we worked on the music and lyrics together to wrap it up. A few months later, while at rehearsal, the guys were upstairs taking a break, and I had asked Brandon (our keys player) to run through the song with me, as I had pictured it as a piano ballad up to that point.

“After the first verse, the guys were inspired, came quickly back downstairs and jumped in at the perfect time on the perfect beat, and we had what I call a ‘Holy Shit!’ moment. The intensity was so awesome that we all knew that is how it needed to be recorded!” – Malarie McConaha

Track Credits:

Lyrics by Tim Hunter
Music by Malarie McConaha
Produced by Tim Hunter, Malarie McConaha
Mixed by Jim Scott
Lead Recording Engineer – Kevin Willis
Assistant Mix Engineer – Martin Cooke
Vocals – Malarie McConaha
Background Vocals – Malarie McConaha, Zachary Goforth, Tim Hunter
Drums – Mike Malinin
Bass Guitar – Chopper Anderson
Rhythm Electric Guitar – Kevin Willis
Lead Electric Guitar – Evan Opitz
Acoustic Guitar – Tim Hunter
Keys – Brandon Mordecai

Photo Credit: The FBR

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