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LISTEN: Zach Willdee, “Lately”

Apr 29, 2022

LISTEN: Zach Willdee,

Artist: Zach Willdee
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “Lately”
Album: Heart That Ain’t Tame
Release Date: May 6, 2022

In Their Words: “This song is one of my favorites from the standpoint of writing. I wrote it to sound like a love song; a discussion between two people trying to figure out why they aren’t good for one another even though they’re still together. In a more literal sense, I drew inspiration during the 2020 presidential election. I wrote from my own perspective about my dislike of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and how I wasn’t happy with the two choices we were left with for the leader of our country. I don’t consider myself an overly-political person, and I definitely don’t usually broadcast those feelings in my work — I prefer to let the listener decide what they want the song to be about rather than putting them in a box.” — Zach Willdee

Photo Credit: Andrew Reese

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LISTEN: Zach Willdee,
LISTEN: Zach Willdee,