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WATCH: Elephant Revival, ‘Petals’

Feb 23, 2017

WATCH: Elephant Revival, 'Petals'

Artist: Elephant Revival
Hometown: Nederland, CO
Song: “Petals”
Album: Petals
Label: Thirty Tigers

In Their Words: “For me, the song ‘Petals’ is an exploration through many ideas of one’s self to reveal a more constant essence of what we are that continues to develop through ceaseless changes. When someone I love has died, I find an insatiable wonder of what they have become without their body and a deep desire to recognize whatever new form of presence might be there, be it a warmth reminiscent of the nearness of them or a kind of wind I can almost touch. So, in short, this song is a search for that presence in others and in my own self through a kind of letting go.

The making of this video, with such an abstract idea at its core, had many uniquely creative minds with varying interpretations coming together to bring it into visual form, so the first step for director Laura Goldhamer became an art of weaving together visions. In effect, the making of this video felt like some kind of deep dream work. The kind I hope that people can relate to on some level and enjoy.” — Bonnie Paine

Photo credit: Lisa Sicilliano Photos

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WATCH: Elephant Revival, 'Petals'
WATCH: Elephant Revival, 'Petals'