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WATCH: Jack Broadbent, “I Love Your Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Apr 5, 2022

WATCH: Jack Broadbent,

Artist: Jack Broadbent
Hometown: Lincolnshire, England (now residing in Canada)
Song: “I Love Your Rock ’n’ Roll”
Album: Ride
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Label: Crows Feet Records

In Their Words: “‘I Love Your Rock ’n’ Roll’ was one of the first pieces I wrote for this album (Ride). We had a great time recording it. For me, it summed up the mood and pace of the record, and gave it direction. It’s really a tribute to my favourite music and bands. There’s a little bit of everything thrown in there, it’s really a melting pot of a wide range of influences. It also happens to be very fun to play.” — Jack Broadbent

Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

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WATCH: Jack Broadbent,
WATCH: Jack Broadbent,
WATCH: Jack Broadbent,
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