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WATCH: Korby Lenker with Molly Tuttle, ‘Friend and a Friend’

Nov 2, 2015

WATCH: Korby Lenker with Molly Tuttle, 'Friend and a Friend'

Artist: Korby Lenker with Molly Tuttle
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Song: "Friend and a Friend"
Album: Hidden Lakes (Kickstarter exclusive)
Release Date: November 6 
Label: Short and Sweet

In Their Words: "I met Molly at a show at the Basement in Nashville a few months ago. I was blown away by her talent … probably jealous is more the word. She rips up a D18 like David Grier, if he were a pretty girl. We met at the show and, a month or so later, we sat down to write. We both tour a lot, so it made sense to write something about what that’s like — the constant uncertainty, the waking up in your car sometimes. It’s a real song, but it’s positive too. I think we both feel lucky to get to play music for people.

'Friend and a Friend' is the fourth of five songs I recorded for my Kickstarter campaign, which ends Friday morning. Anyone who backs the campaign gets a five-song EP called Hidden Lakes featuring this song plus tracks with Liz Longley, Robby Hecht, and more. It ships Friday to anyone who backs the campaign, at any level." — Korby Lenker

Photo credit: Blaque Reily

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WATCH: Korby Lenker with Molly Tuttle, 'Friend and a Friend'