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WATCH: March to May, ‘The Navigator’

Oct 6, 2016

WATCH: March to May, 'The Navigator'

Artist: March to May
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Song: "The Navigator"
Album: Through the Night
Release Date: Spring 2017
Label: Northbound Records

In Their Words: "We wrote 'The Navigator' while we were sailing on a historic steamship and thinking about what it must have been like to be a sailor a hundred years ago. You had to rely much more on your own faith, intuition, and skill to guide you. We wanted to capture a sense of hope and optimism, but also of uncertainty. Dreams and ambition don't come with any guarantees, but what can you do? You take what comes and keep chasing them." — Beth Wesche

"From an unexpected sojourn on a steamship to a phenomenal collaborative experience with an amazing choreographer and two incredibly talented videographers, 'The Navigator' video metamorphosed from a seemingly impossible vision to an unbelievable reality. We filmed en-route on the same steamship upon which we wrote the song, underwater with an Emmy Award-winning videographer, and at a historic lighthouse on Whidbey Island. We tried to capture the essence of the steamship era with the mythological story of the sirens of ancient Greece. We wanted to convey a feeling of love and connection, as well as distance, isolation, and uncertainty of the future." — Darren Guyaz

Photo credit: Elle Hanley

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WATCH: March to May, 'The Navigator'
WATCH: March to May, 'The Navigator'
WATCH: March to May, 'The Navigator'
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