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WATCH: Misner & Smith, ‘Lovers Like Us’

Feb 3, 2016

WATCH: Misner & Smith, 'Lovers Like Us'

Artist: Misner & Smith
Hometown: Davis, CA
Song: "Lovers Like Us"
Album: Seven Hour Storm
In Their Words: "'Lover's Like Us' is about that state of being in a relationship with someone at a time when every direction seems fraught with heartache, misunderstanding, and confusion. Even talking about it all can seem to amplify the struggle and miscommunication — yet there's still love there, biding its time. Two people trying to find their way and feeling like they just can't quite get their balance back, no matter how hard they try — and yet even in the despair there are moments of clarity." — Sam Misner

"I think this song is such a great example of what we're known for: Two voices become one. The experience of the song is enhanced by the fact that there is no 'lead singer'  — we build the story of the song in harmony, weaving the narrative together with the close friction and energy of the voices. And the voices reflect the conversation of the characters within the song.” — Megan Smith

Photo credit: Caitlin Smith. Video by by Pint of Soul.

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WATCH: Misner & Smith, 'Lovers Like Us'
WATCH: Misner & Smith, 'Lovers Like Us'