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WATCH: Tattletale Saints, ‘Sonoma County Wine’

Aug 31, 2016

WATCH: Tattletale Saints, 'Sonoma County Wine'

Artist: Tattletale Saints
Hometown: Auckland, NZ/Nashville, TN
Song: "Sonoma County Wine"
Album: Tattletale Saints
Release Date: September 2
Label: Old Oak Music

In Their Words: "On a long drive somewhere between the west coast and small motel in Nevada City, CA, Vanessa asked that I write a duet. The original lyric was "an eighth of whiskey" before I realised that wasn't a common measure – our touring companions Christian and Rachel from 10 String Symphony just assumed it was some antipodean measurement and accepted it. Also, writing this song I remember calling a number of hotels to ascertain out if the ring tones differed between in-house phone calls versus outside line phone calls – ultimately never using the line. What came of it all is the story of a one night and a morning, and falling in love with the woman behind the front desk with the Sierra's and salt lakes forming the landscape." — Cy Winstanley

Photo credit: Anna Webber

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WATCH: Tattletale Saints, 'Sonoma County Wine'