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WATCH: The Lowlies, “Simple Reminder” (feat. Sara Watkins)

Jun 1, 2023

WATCH: The Lowlies,
Artist: The Lowlies
Hometown: Delevan, New York
Song: “Simple Reminder” (feat. Sara Watkins)
Album: The Lowlies
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Label: Airloom

In Their Words: “Maybe the most hope-filled tune I’ve written. There’s something simple and obvious, but somehow deep and mysterious about how uplifting a springtime morning with birds singing hits me every year. And I used those images to portray the new life I felt actually one day in the dead of winter, a season of depression and addiction. A friend called me out of the blue from across the hemisphere to tell me hi and say my work was inspiring him that day. He doesn’t know it, but that call somehow sparked a springtime in my life. It was the simplest thing, but also the truer thing… more true than the thoughts swirling in my head.” – Caleb Spaulding

Photo Credit: Brian and Christina Shaw

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WATCH: The Lowlies,
WATCH: The Lowlies,