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WATCH: The Revivalists, ‘King of What’

Oct 30, 2015

WATCH: The Revivalists, 'King of What'

Artist: The Revivalists
Song: "King of What"
Album: Men Amongst Mountains
Release Date:  July 17
Label: Wind-Up Records

In Their Words: "This one came out of a guitar part that I'd be playing with for a few years. I came up with the title and chorus and showed Dave what I had. We recorded a demo of the guitar part at his house. He went to bed that night and had a dream about how the verse melodies and harmonies should go. He woke up and put it down. I think there's a very beautiful, peaceful, dream-like quality to the tune. I also really like the haunting textures that Ed and Mike provide with e-bowed pedal steel and synthesizer. " –Zack Feinberg

Photo credit: Travis Shinn

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WATCH: The Revivalists, 'King of What'