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WATCH: Trapper Schoepp, ‘Dream’

Aug 9, 2016

WATCH: Trapper Schoepp, 'Dream'

Artist: Trapper Schoepp
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Song: "Dream"
Album: Rangers & Valentines
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings

In Their Words: "Some 450 million years ago, a meteor the size of a football field crashed into Rock Elm, Wisconsin, whereabouts we filmed our music video for 'Dream.' At the impact site, you won't find a crater to climb into, but an unusual overhanging rock formation called Blue Rock.

In the video, I explore these ancient etchings, go underground in Crystal Cave, and run around forests with a busted up Hummingbird guitar. These woods are filled with a strange aura of mystery, which felt right for a song about two mythical mentors of mine who suddenly left this world but still feel very present. A few weeks ago, tornadoes wrecked havoc on this same area​,​ uprooting many of these trees and bridges. Nature has a strange way of giving and taking." — Trapper Schoepp

Photo credit: Erik Nelson

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WATCH: Trapper Schoepp, 'Dream'
WATCH: Trapper Schoepp, 'Dream'