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Basic Folk – Eliza Edens

Feb 9, 2023

Basic Folk - Eliza Edens

Growing up in the Berkshires, Massachusetts-born Eliza Edens grew up in a family with strong musical roots. Getting her first guitar at 16, she was moved to write songs as her chosen form of expression. After some time in Philly, Eliza took on New York, choosing Brooklyn as her home base. There she found community and began to thrive creatively, especially in embracing her queer identity, Eliza uses she/they pronouns.


She released her second album We’ll Become the Flowers in 2022 seeking to understand what happens after the end. She had a lot of processing to do after a breakup and her mother being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease. Her mother has been a central figure in her songwriting recently, especially in her love of gardening and flowers. Eliza’s music, like the person, is thoughtful, unpredictable, serious and silly. Hope you enjoy getting to know this cool musician!

Photo Credit: Juliet Farmer

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Basic Folk - Eliza Edens
Basic Folk - Eliza Edens