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Free Band Names

Jan 26, 2016

Free Band Names

One of the hardest parts of starting a band isn't learning to play an instrument, it's finding the perfect, hashtag-worthy band name. Lucky for you, we put together this handy list of free band names so you can stop mining that old Crayola box for different variations on "brown" and get to rockin'!

Kombucha Explosion
Railroad Joe and the Train-Hoppin’ Leathersmiths
Tent Revival Preacher’s Daughter’s Cousin
Arrowhead and the Snake Charmers
Barney and the Barn Wood
The Alan Parsnips Project
Stump Jumpin' Rump Thumpers
Thrift Store Dream Catcher
Feathers and Stuff
Flea Market Surprise
Rusty Sunday School
Tin Cup Troubadours
Imagine Dragons
Sepia-Toned Serenade
French Pressure
Something Vaguely Native American
Pour-Over Poets
Reclaimed Kale
Old Wood or Something
Brown Dirt Brosephs
Hipster Hooray
Fixed Gear Fiddlers
We Have Beards!
Imagine Dragons

Photo credit: ch.weidinger via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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Free Band Names
Free Band Names