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  • Tim O'Brien Jams With Sam Bush on Irish Tune,
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Tim O’Brien Jams With Sam Bush on Irish Tune, “Land’s End”

Jul 21, 2021


Tim O’Brien, our Artist of the Month in July, paid a visit to another favorite of ours at BGS. On an episode of Sam Bush’s Jammin With Sam series, a weekly session with Sam Bush and his fellow bluegrass artists, the pair pick an Irish traditional tune called “Land’s End.” Its Celtic heritage shines brightly as Bush and O’Brien’s mandolins dance through the upbeat, modal waltz. Exceptional writers and pickers as they are in their own right, it’s entertaining to see Bush and O’Brien communicate through the course of the tune, each taking turns to improvise and converse before seamlessly transitioning into a harmony section and finishing the piece on a feeling of anticipation. The look on their faces as the instruments ring out the final notes indicates at least a small element of surprise at their togetherness. For as much great music and profound performances that find their way to the Bluegrass Situation, it’s a pleasure to see a lighthearted, fun jam between two such gifted instrumentalists. Watch “Land’s End” and see other clips from the Jammin With Sam series on YouTube.


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Tim O'Brien Jams With Sam Bush on Irish Tune,
Tim O'Brien Jams With Sam Bush on Irish Tune,